Sectional garage doors

Convenience and safety using, elegance of design, incorporating the latest technologies in line with European norms on safe operation and the presence of a wide range of optional equipment, make MCA sectional garage doors the ideal solution for you.



Built for life

Built by German projects with rigorous quality standards, the MCA Optima doors are designed to withstand over 25 000 cycles of operation. Try to calculate the number of years of use based on this value, 25 000 CYCLES. We guarantee 10 years of flawless operation .


Increase house value

Automated sectional garage doors are very practical, give your home a modern touch and increase its value. MCA door automation is signed by Sommer Germany. In addition, pass doors made in line with the garage door give a unified note to the house facade.


Optimal insulation in winter

Panels 40mm thick, elastic and resistant seals to climate change, make MCA doors an effective barrier in the way of wind, rain and snow.Side gasket have been doubled for a higher insulation. Thanks to the experience of cold winters, MCA garage doors are built only with panels that can effectively isolate your house .