Choose your ideal garage door by color, texture and type

MCA is the leading garage door producer in the Balkans area thanks to principles like continuous development, aiming for perfection and product development. The client always comes first, so the company’s offer has been expanded to satisfy the needs of a larger public, but in the same time a selective one.

A garage door must look perfect, especially if is located on the front of the house.

The main offer for MCA garage doors consists of sectional doors (Benefit and Optima) and roller doors. Benefit has standard dimensions, thus it is ideal for spaces which are still in construction, meanwhile Optima is the solution for any type of door opening.

Over 40 types of sandwich panels in store

For sectional garage doors you can pick Flush (smooth) panels, line (RIB) panels, midrib panels with wider lines, or cassette panels.

MCA also offers a wide range of colors, starting from white, brown, golden oak imitation, dark oak imitation, mahogany, wenge, walnut and up to any RAL color (painted).

For the roller door, it important to know that is realized only by 77mm slats and can reach a maximum height of 4650 mm. It can only be equipped with little vision slats and with ventilation grille.

As for the colors, the options are white, dark brown, coffee brown, red, blue, green, beige, silver, oak imitation and teak.