Pedestrian doors with thin threshold ensure quick access in the garage MCA Grup garage door producer has the technical solution for integrating a pedestrian door with thin threshold in the sectional garage door. This is ideal solution for those which appreciate having a quick way of getting in or getting out of the garage, without having to open the whole sectional door.

Most often the pedestrian door is chosen when inside the garage are stored, besides the car, items like bikes, baby strollers or gardening tools and furniture for the garden. This way any of these objects can be easily taken out, without using the main automatic door and only using this special entrance.

The pedestrian door has a silencer installed in its upper side which ensures the proper closure. The door’s frame and the handles are made of anodized aluminum resistant to corrosion.

Also for industrial sectional doors

Sometimes pedestrian doors are chosen for industrial doors also. The reason is simple: industrial doors can have large dimensions and their full opening is not always necessary. Its only needed for merchandise supply for example. In the rest of the time for employees it comes in handy the pedestrian door.