MCA sandwich panels are sectioned without physical-chemical changes MCA sectional garage doors are realized from sandwich panels isolated with polyurethane foam. The long time resistance of a sectional door is directly related to the quality of the process in which the sandwich panels are cut. By this cutting process we understand the sectioning of materials for further fabrication.

At MCA Grup’s factory the panels are cut with a machine which has the necessary advantages for a quality operation.

More precisely, the possibility of regulating the speed of the splintering process depending on the cutting material offers the certainty of a precise cutting.

Then, it is important for the final result that the roughness of the cutting surface is very good, around 3.2. Deviation from linearity, perpendicularity and effective quota is only a tenth of a millimeter.

The machine is equipped with air cooling and measurement installations especially designed for cutting panels. Such processed material does not undergo physical and chemical changes, which means that the paint is not burned and the board is not overheated. So the sheet is not exposed to rapid oxidation as it does to cutting machines with abrasive disk or without cooling system. At MCA factory there can be cut at the same time a maximum of six sandwich panels.