MCA Sectional Doors Respect the EU Legislation Regarding Energy Efficiency

MCA sectional garage doors have isolative properties which sustain the conservation of inside temperatures and thus lead to saving energy used for cooling or heating.

As an intelligent green alternative, MCA offers the

Power Door

prototype, which produces energy through solar photovoltaic panels. The energy produced this way is used for the automation of the garage door but can also sustain a light bulb or other small energetic consumers in the garage such as a TV or a laptop etc.

Therefore we support the international legislation regarding the reduction of energetic consumption of the buildings, which will become compulsory throughout Europe in a few years.

The EU has set ambitious targets to ensure that from 2020 all new buildings consume very little energy and it has created the term “nearly Zero-Energy Building” or nZEB . EU directive regarding the Energetic Performance of the Buildings recommends to the member states to implement the notion of zero consumption building and to elaborate a national action plan. Until the end of 2020th all new built houses would have to have an energetic consumption close to zero.

MCA sectional garage doors ensure a very good thermic isolation due to the 40 mm thick panels, filled with polyurethane high density foam. EPDM seals installed on the doors’ sides and between panels also contribute to the isolation.

Nearly Zero energy building - definition

  • A building with a very good energetic performance (this is the part where the sectional garage doors with isolative properties, produced by MCA, come in handy)
  • The necessary energy must come from renewable sources, including proximity energy sources
  • Renewable energy sources:
    • Geothermal or air heating energy
    • Solar energy: thermic solar panels, photovoltaic solar panels
    • Wind energy