How it’s made: sectional garage doors with windows

Windows installed on a garage door make the door fit with the façade of the house and also let the natural light go inside the garage.

Windows can have different forms, as a circle, rectangle or many other shapes or motives, being aesthetical and useful accessories. They can be easily ordered at the same time with the garage door.

Their frames can be made of PVC (black or white) or stainless steel. The windows can be installed on any of the panels of the door even on the pedestrian doors.

But how does a garage door end up with windows?

First of all, it is chosen the shape the window will have and a metallic frame is installed at the milling machine. There are metallic frames for all the shapes of windows that we offer (round, rectangular, square, hexagon etc.). Then the dimensions are set, and the panel is inserted in the milling machine to be cut for the future window to fit.

Then the glass for the window is being ordered from the dealer. It can also have insertions of various shapes for an even more aesthetic appearance.

Finally, all the parts are assembled and fixed on the panel with screws from inside to outside.

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