Accessories for Garage Doors (I)

When you order a sectional garage door from MCA you get to choose from a wide range of accessories in order to amplify the comfort and safety levels.

You can choose the accessories firstly depending on the type of operation – manual or electrical. For manual garage doors you can choose to install a bolt which will mechanically block the door. This way the door would never be open from outside by an unauthorized person.

Operator releasing lock

For electrical doors, in places where the sectional door is the only access way, it is recommended to install an operator releasing lock. It is installed on the front of the door and when used triggers the releasing operator system. This way if the electric power is off the garage door can be opened manually.

Remote control

The comfort can be maximized with one or more remote controls (if there are many users of the garage). Plus, with only one remote there can be controlled the garage door and the access in the yard gates.