Accessories for Garage Doors (II)

When you order a sectional garage door from MCA Grup you can choose to add some accessories which will increase the levels of safety and comfort.

For example a wall button can help you operate the door directly from inside. As an outside solution, we recommend the finger print reader, a next generation technical innovation.

The access inside can be made with a simple finger touch on the print reader made by Sommer Germany, as long as you are one of the registered users.

Advantages offered by the finger print reader:

  • more safety - access only for authorized people
  • the risk of loosing the key is eliminated
  • more comfort
  • cost reduction – in the case of a large number of users the costs for the remotes are saved by only one finger print reader

Also if you want increase the safety level, you can also consider installing a photoelectric cells safety system. It’s sensors will send to the operator a signal to stop at the encounter of any obstacle. You can also choose an operator releasing lock or an additional blocking system.

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