Western Fashion! MCA Grup launches the funniest garage door!

The manufacturer MCA Grup exhibited at Ambient Expo 2014 the funniest garage door ever made - a yellow sectional door with a stainless steel mouse manually applied to the surface.

There is a request for personalized garage doors, so MCA wanted to prove it can offer a customized garage door with any of the RAL palette color, and also stainless steel applications.

The clients in Eastern Europe started to go along with western trends regarding their choice of garage door customization - color and applied models are the most common features they take into consideration.

As in the previous years, in 2013, standard colored garage doors were in great demand, whether white or brown colored, these prove to be the most price affordable according to a study developed by MCA.

Another interesting fact is the doubling of requests in 2013 for garage doors painted in different colors of the RAL palette, making a 7% of the total of requests on the local market. On the export market, requests for such special colors add up to 11%, so we might as well say that there is a tendency to go along with the western trends.