All the reasons to close your garage space during winter with an MCA garage door

As winter holidays are coming, and alongside, the seasonal snowfalls and blizzards, autumn seems much like the right time to be searching for a solution of closing the garage space, before the bad weather hits.

If you are looking for the best protection for your garage space through winter months, efficient thermal insulation and resitance during extreme weather conditions are some of the reasons to choose a MCA garage door. Its 40 mm panels, filled with polyuretanic foam, its elastic gaskets that withstand a changing weather, all make the MCA sectional doors an efficient windbreak and a barrier against rain or snow. Side gaskets have been doubled for the best thermal insulation. Besides, MCA provides the highest service for its mounted sectional doors. MCA clients can also benefit from the company's diversity of sliding solutions, giving them the option to add a customization of their own choice.

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