MCA garage doors manufacturer supports the development of children through sports

The garage doors manufacturer MCA Grup supports the development of children through sports, by sponsoring the fencing club Asociatia Club Sportiv Stesial Bucharest.

For the 41 fencers of the ACS' Stesial Bucharest Club the day of february the 22nd proved to be a special one. The private fencing club awarded its athletes for their performance in 2013. Sporting director and trainer Alina Motea Ciuculescu together with the club's president Silviu Florian Ciuculescu, real heroes and role models for children, wanted not only to reward the effort of the young fencers but also to encourage their participation in the competitions to be set in 2014.

The youths received trophies, certificate, small presents and MCA t-shirts. For the always winner kids!

The little ones manage to harmoniously develop by practicing since a young age sports that bring strength to the mind, body and soul. Through fencing, they manage to develop their resistance, agility and intelligence.

On another level, they develop a team spirit and learn discipline. MCA Grup would like to thank Alina Motea Ciuculescu, sporting director and trainer and also to the president of the club for their professionalism and their dedication in helping the little fencers.