MCA Launched Sommer Starter+ and Runner, Automations for Sliding Gates

Starting april 2015, MCA launched STArter+ and RUNner, two new yard gate operators for sliding gates, from Sommer Germany producer. These two last generation products are the result of the research and development strategy applied for Sommer products.



Sommer STArter + sliding gate operator

Advantages of Starter +

  • New! Powerful operator, with high operational stability, residential destination
  • Ideal for sliding gates:
    • weight up to 400 kg
    • lenght up to 8m
  • New! External blocking / unblocking (in case of a power failure, the automation can be blocked and unblocked easily)
  • Blocked / unblocked in any position
  • Sturdiness
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Compact solution
  • Operator speed: 240 mm/s
  • New! Dynamic Power System:
    • Prevents accidents, when encountering an obstacle, by stopping and restarting
  • 24 Volts Soft Run technology: slowing down at the buffer point, soft and silent operation

Sommer RUNner sliding gate operator

Advantages of Runner

  • New! ECO Friendly:
    • An operator friendly with the environment, ecological
    • Friendly with the client’s wallet, economic
  • Powerful operator with rezidential / industrial destination
  • Ideal for sliding gates:
    • with weight up to 600 kg
    • with lenght up to 8m
  • New! Backup battery – optional : when there is a power failure, the battery takes over and the automation continues it’s functioning, without the need of manual unblocking
  • New! Automatic obstacle recognition system
  • Safety edge sensor – optional

Technical Features of New Sommer yard gate drives:

  Sliding gate Sliding gate
  Starter+ Runner
Maximum weight per gate leaf (Kg) 400 600
Maximum lenght per gate leaf (m) 8 8
Power supply (V) 240 240
Speed (mm/sec) 240 210
Working Temperature (°C) - 20 / + 60 - 30 / + 50
Working cycle (%) 30 40
Protection class (IP) 54 54