SOMLink technology and the benefits of its use by MCA garage door installers

There is a great benefit for the users of MCA garage doors equipped with the Sommer base+, the tiga and tiga+ motors, as well as the SOMLoq2 bidirectional radio system, which comes through the SOMLink intelligent technology, as it offers them additional possibilities to adjust these products in a very fast and simple way.

Recommended only to installers, the SOMLink technology provides additional options for easy adjustment of the features and parameters of MCA garage doors fitted with Sommer engines, just with the help of a web application and the use of a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

SOMLink is an independent all-in-one module, designed for smartphones, tablets and laptops, accessible through all common browsers, no matter the operating system used. SOMLink is also very secure, as it does not involve storing data on external servers.

The use of SOMLink is not only very simple, but it doesn’t even require an internet connection, as it comes with its own Wi-Fi technology and a web server that connects very quickly to the SOMLoq2 radio system and electronic devices. Also, the SOMLink startup software is  available for free in the Google Play store.

Technicians using the SOMLink service interface will discover that it provides a number of special functionalities such as:

  • modification of MCA garage door operating parameters such as speed, sensitivity, partial opening, automatic closing etc.;
  • diagnostic help, such as event history, long-term memory of events etc.;
  • making a backup of the data;
  • installation help, resetting remote controls etc.;
  • system parameterization (eg. change of lighting duration);
  • reading /saving and loading the data of the equipment;
  • viewing power curves etc.

SOMLink technology can be used anywhere, including on the construction site, and its use is so easy that the technicians who use it do not even need to consult the manual to set it up. At the same time, it is especially useful for data management and calibration of MCA garage doors, providing an extensive set of information to its users.